QB Game Programming

I know this program is extremely old, but I have no reason to bury it. Beside, I found that many students are spending their first year with the old-school languages, such as BASIC and Pascal, so I believe some of them may find interest in these old games. If you prefer game programming with modern BASIC language, try to visit my VB Game Programming page.

Be aware that these games use FOR...NEXT to handle animation delay, and you must set the delay number manually to match your CPU speed. I wrote these games in an age where Pentium-1 is standard, so expect the difference. If you have any idea about how to make a high-resolution delay/timer with QB, please let me know.

One more thing, as you may notice, there are many games in this world whose concept were derived from Tetris, Pac Man, Nibbles, Othello, etc. If you believe that Counter-Strike is a pathetic game because it is 'copying' the Doom concept of first-man shooting, you better ignore this page.

All games below were inspired from am outstanding book, yet no longer sold, written by Ferdinand Soeharto in 90s.

Diamond Crash

A simple game which display the concept of moving several sprites using array. Collect the diamonds and avoid the falling rocks. (2002/11/30)

The Devil Mansion

A simple game which display the tile indexing concept and elementary AI for enemy. Screen is divided into larger dimension tiles and each tile contain information of sprites (heart and bomb). While collecting the hearts, player must avoid the bombs and run from three devils who haunt the mansion. (2003/5/24)

Mission Solar System

A space-shooter game (use space-key to shoot). This game show the concept of multiple sprites array and multiple collision detection. Your mission, as the front line, is to destroy 300 aliens before your power goes to 0.(2005/05/26)

PSET Arranger

A small program which I wrote to help me draw various sprites for games above. The resulting sprite is saved as color information of each coordinate; thus the main game program can re-draw the sprite using PSET command. (2003/05/26)


SEVGA is a powerful sprite drawing program for BASIC with simple GUI. It is not mine, but since it is very difficult to find this great program, I decided to put it in here without any intention to offend the author. As far as I know, the program is not commercialized. The first version was made by Ferdinand S. (2002/11/30)