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VB Game Programming

Welcome to my VB game programming page.

Here you can download games that I wrote using Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET. Feel free to use them for personal and educational purposes.

Please note that the games were written a long time ago when I was an undergraduate student in the Chemistry department. Although I really want to do some cleaning and re-write the code to meet the object-oriented style with the new VB .NET, I hardly have time to do it. The games here are very simple, all of them are 2D, and it certainly won’t satisfy those who are already standing on a high-level in game programming. The packages below contain the executable games, and some of them have their source code included.

Othello .NET

Rewritten in VB .NET with GDI+. The graphics are generated on the fly. I wrote it in a short time and didn’t carry the alpha test properly. If you find some bugs, please notify me. The source code is included.


A well-known card game in Indonesia. Players take a turn to pass a card whose suit matched with the main-card on the board. The goal is to be the first to pass all cards in possession.

Sailing the Milky Way

The game provides the basic concept of the Japanese RPG game with two main screens (adventure and battle), with a turn-based battle system. DirectSound is used to handle WAV and MIDI files.

Mandau Wings

Top-view shooting game with various enemies and weapons. Mandau is a traditional sword used by Dayak people in Borneo Island.

Spooky Night in the Land of Java

The game shows a simple fighting game concept, based on Reigendoushi (NES game). The protagonist here is Wiro Sableng, a character from a famous Indonesian novel written by Bastian Tito. I hand-draw all characters by myself and it was really time-consuming.

Chaos in East Borneo

Based on Vandal Heart (PSX) and Kamen-no-Ninja Hanamaru (NES) games. The game features a conversation-based RPG and card-based battle system.

Tom Adventure

Tom, an adventurer who seeks hidden treasures spread over the world, found an ancient land where pieces of jewelry are scattered around. But along with the treasure, a grave danger from sleeping dragons and hungry mummies seems to accompany his adventure to collect all pieces of jewelry

Mandau Wing Simulation

The event takes place after Mandau Wing when all pilots are taking a vacation to other galaxies. On their way home, they got caught in a galaxy mess. This time I used a lot of StretchBlt operation to produce distance-effect.


For those who are curious about how to write a basic sudoku game.


A board game with elementary AI based on weighing position.

Slide Puzzle

Written with VB 2008 using GDI+ features. The picture is customizable, with the expected image ratio of 4:3.


Based on the classic arcade game.

Memory Card

A classic card-pairing game.


The game was popular among the girls and many suggestions came from them. Several pieces of music in this game were written by Jubing Kristianto, a great classical-guitarist from Indonesia.


A standard Tetris game to test rotation matrix (need some modification, though). The music in this game was written by Jubing Kristianto, a great classical-guitarist from Indonesia. Visit his website to hear some nice songs of his own arrangement.

Minesweeper .NET

Another lazy day. I decided to write Minesweeper in VB 2008. Some features are not available since I was too lazy to add it, but it should be enough for those who want to learn how to program minesweeper with VB in .NET framework and GDI+.

Memory Blink

A very simple, yet challenging game. We introduced this game at a senior-high-school bazaar and invited students to beat this game, only to be surprised that only a handful of students who can beat this game within three consecutive runs.

Rock Paper Scissor

A classical rock-paper-scissor game.

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