Apartment in Japan: Things that foreign students must know

Looking for an apartment in Japan can be complicated for foreign students because of the difference in renting system, the language limitation, and the way how Japanese view the foreigner itself. In case of Okayama University, if you're coming alone and this is your first time to Japan, you can ask your professor to enroll you into Okayama University student dormitory. The monthly rent is cheap, it gives you a community consists of 100% foreigners to start with, and more importantly it gives you ...

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Nihongo ojyouzu desu ne

Most foreigner who came to Japan with little knowledge or skill in Japanese language will certainly have experience of being praised by Japanese with this sentence.When the Japanese people start to point this phrase to you, it actually indicates that your Japanese is very bad. I said "indicates" and that doesn't mean the Japanese saying such thing on ill purpose. Really the Japanese doesn't want to let you down and probably want to motivate you also. This is a part of their habit called oseji (flattering ...

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